How to stop tracking and why Nearby gets deactivated in Pokemon Go?

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Once you open a Pokemon Go account and start playing the game, the excitement continues throughout the game. After logging into your Pokemon Go account, you feel taking it to a higher level, which comes with time and efforts.

Sometimes you may notice that Nearby feature go blank while you are driving. Pokemon Go comes with a speed lock feature that interferes when you exceed the limit of 35km/hour. It not only prevents you Pokestop spinning, but also turns the Sightings and Nearby OFF. It is actually done to prevent players from playing their favourite game Pokemon Go while they are driving.

In such cases this feature also prevents the passengers from playing. So, if you notice that the Pokemon you were monitoring disappears, do not worry. Just continue with your journey and when you stop or slow down, Nearby and Sightings will be activated within a short span of time and the Pokemon would automatically spawn.

How do you tend to stop tracking in the game? As per the rules of the games you can track only one Pokemon at a time. If you try and track one more, you will see that the system will stop tracking the first one. Also you can stop the tracking at your own wish any time you want to. To do so follow the simple tips

  1. Tap on the Pokemon tab to the bottom right of your screen
  2. Tap the particular Pokemon you wish to stop monitoring
  3. Tap the button Footprints to end the tracking

Well, it is fine to keep the tracking ON, but if you tend to go out of the network, a message will pop in saying Pokemon has fled. If you get annoyed with such messages then stop the tracking.



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