The Functions of PG and VG in E-Liquids

The Functions of PG and VG in E-Liquids

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In an e-liquid, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are considered to be primary ingredients. As such, they have important functions to perform. You need to understand what they are when learning how to choose best e liquid. The following guide should be of help.

What Does PG Do?

Propylene glycol is a petroleum byproduct. It does not have any odor, color or taste. Its viscosity is low as well. This fluid can carry flavoring compounds quite well which is one of the reasons why it is used in e-liquids. It is completely safe for vaping purposes. However, it is capable of providing a throat hit especially at higher concentrations. The throat hit is a lot like the sensation many smokers experience when using regular cigarettes. As a result, many vapers tend to increase the PG concentration in their e-liquids intentionally.

PG is quite thin because of its viscosity. Therefore e-liquids with higher PG levels will create little vapor when vaped. Many vapers use such concentrations to prevent their vaping from becoming an issue in public spaces. Moreover, this also enables the flavors of the e-liquids to stand out clearly.

What Does VG Do?

Vegetable glycerin is derived from plant oils such as coconut and soy. Being completely natural, it is safe when used for vaping. It does not have color or odor. However, it does have a sweet taste. The sweetness is rarely felt at lower concentrations in e-liquids. Its thick viscosity allows more vapor to be produced during a vape. As such, many vapers choose to increase the VG concentration so that they can vape bigger vapor clouds.

Vapers also increase the VG concentration in order to prevent the throat hit caused by PG. However, the sweetness of the VG can affect the taste when used in higher concentrations.

These two ingredients will have an important role to play when you are choosing best eliquid. Keep their features in mind when buying the products.

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