How to stop tracking and why Nearby gets deactivated in Pokemon Go?

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Once you open a Pokemon Go account and start playing the game, the excitement continues throughout the game. After logging into your Pokemon Go account, you feel taking it to a higher level, which comes with time and efforts.

Sometimes you may notice that Nearby feature go blank while you are driving. Pokemon Go comes with a speed lock feature that interferes when you exceed the limit of 35km/hour. It not only prevents you Pokestop spinning, but also turns the Sightings and Nearby OFF. It is actually done to prevent players from playing their favourite game Pokemon Go while they are driving.

In such cases this feature also prevents the passengers from playing. So, if you notice that the Pokemon you were monitoring disappears, do not worry. Just continue with your journey and when you stop or slow down, Nearby and Sightings will be activated within a short span of time and the Pokemon would automatically spawn.

How do you tend to stop tracking in the game? As per the rules of the games you can track only one Pokemon at a time. If you try and track one more, you will see that the system will stop tracking the first one. Also you can stop the tracking at your own wish any time you want to. To do so follow the simple tips

  1. Tap on the Pokemon tab to the bottom right of your screen
  2. Tap the particular Pokemon you wish to stop monitoring
  3. Tap the button Footprints to end the tracking

Well, it is fine to keep the tracking ON, but if you tend to go out of the network, a message will pop in saying Pokemon has fled. If you get annoyed with such messages then stop the tracking.



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How Hacking Makes More Interesting In Clash Royale

How Hacking Makes More Interesting In Clash Royale

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There are many games to play but when we start playing and learn How to hack Clash Royale it makes us additive within few minutes when you start playing your game. Whenever you see a little pop-ups also it makes you feel that you started earning more points also tends you to play again and again and you start enjoy by yourself. Now let us see how to start playing a game and how to hack clash royale        .

  1. You need to download the game with the help of the tutorial
  2. Click the start online hack button
  3. You have to enter the user name in the given box
  4. Select the app according to the device which you have
  5. Select location
  6. Choose how much gems, gold and elixirs you are going to purchase
  7. Click the start button
  8. Wait for few minutes, till the process is over for installing
  9. The most recommended is enable the proxy settings and invisibility
  10. Complete all the verification check and start enjoying the game

Enjoy the game by purchasing more and more gems and gold, it is nothing wrong in purchasing it through games. And the game will be more interesting the more you buy the gems and gold. You need not spend more money in purchasing the game. This app is available absolutely free of cost by which you can download using the mobile app.

The hacking can be made easily with the help of the account when you are connecting to the system and get all the money which you have in your account. This is a game which will be more interesting when you start playing with a player and getting number of points or gold and elixir. So start enjoying the game by downloading the app in your device.


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The Release Of The Elder Scrolls 6 – The Master Of Action Games

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The Elder Scrolls 6 is an action packed thriller game, made by Bethesda Softworks, equipped with a record 40 millions of copies sold and being sold even today. A fully compact version 6 is coming with newer features to make it more action packed and thrilling experiencing than ever before.

Expected features

In version 6, though it is still under development and yet to announce a date of release, the creators are trying to include more new attributes to have it more charming and exciting to the fans. New tools are expected with house and town building options which were not yet available in this game in older versions. In Skyrim, additional version of 5, it was equipped and expected to be in version 6 with more utilizing facilities. You will have the option for searching monsters. The graphics quality of Elder Scrolls is awesome; however, development is going on to make be far better even from now for the reality environment in this kind of thriller action games. A new game is engine is also expected to have enriched the online gaming environment. There is a newer virtual reality environment to be installed with new VR technology. The implementation of new leveling system in the game and introduction of the dark soul is going to make it more thrilling and adventurous.

As there is an official statement that the version is going to some typical tastings and developmental experiments with new technologies we cannot be assured about the date release. Still, we can hope the best and expect a sudden announcement of release from the creators as we see the fans, a little frustrated with playing previous versions cannot hold breath anymore to jump into the action with version 6.


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Take the Help of Cheats to Play Pictoword Game

Take the Help of Cheats to Play Pictoword Game

If you open the mine as well as blast making use of TNT or shovel, you could obtain some free hayday cheats diamonds every few surges. Because of this, instead of investing actual loan, you ought to keep in mind these beneficial Hay Day cheats and techniques. The best thing to use for more diamonds is lucky patcher, however regretfully it doesn’t help the apple iphone and also it will certainly reset the progression of the game you been betting a long time.


If you have played Pictoword what’s the Word picture word guessing game you will know that it’s a very challenging game for young as well the old. This puzzle game is in the form of a brain teaser where the players get to test their strength of unscrambling words from the puzzle or forming new words from the pictures. This game is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac PCs. In this game, with every level, the game gets harder. So in case you are stuck on some level, you can take the help of Pictoword Cheats and guides. With the help of the cheats, players can get to know how to play the game, win the game, and beat others in order to complete the level.

How do The Cheats Work?

Most of the cheats are online tools that help players to play all levels of the game in a quick way. Unlike the hack tools, you don’t need to download the cheats. You can directly obtain answers of the puzzle game directly and increase your number of coins. as you are not downloading any kind of software on your device, the device remains safe from any kind of viruses.

Advantages of Using Cheats

There are many advantages of using cheats and solutions for Pictoword game. They are:

  • You don’t need to spend your real money in order to make in-app purchases. As you are earning free coins from with the help of the cheats, you can make any sort of purchases with them.
  • With the help of the cheats, a player can end his/her game very early. They can even beat others and be a topper of the game.
  • With cheats, players can easily solve any level of the game.

This game is ideal and it could be played with friends and kids. This game is available for free download on any devices. The game is so much enticing that it will keep the players glued to the game for long hours.

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